Download size approx. 380 MB - Includes voices in English, Russian and Esperanto. Some menu languages aren't shown correctly.  These packages use DOSBox for PC and Boxer app for Mac.


  • Click DOWNLOAD - it takes a while
  • Unpack
  • Open the Billy folder
  • Start RunBilly.bat

        Keep your game progress (SAVEGAME)

        If you have downloaded the game earlier you can download the full game again and copy the file SAVEGAME from your old version into the SETTINGS sub folder overwriting the existing file. The SETTINGS folder is located inside the Billy/Game folder.

        Mac OS X

        • Click DOWNLOAD - it takes a while.
        • Click Billy_for_Mac in Downloads.
        • Drag the Boxer icon to the desktop - do not delete it.
        • Double-click the Boxer icon. 
        • Drag the folder Billy from Billy_for_Mac to Import a new game.
        • Click the Launch game button.
        • Now click on billy.exe

        The mouse cursor disappears while you play.

        Always use 
        the esc
        key 2-3 times to quit.

        Billy is now on your desktop :)